I am sharing my blog today with a childhood friend, King Davis,  whose message  and beautiful challenging photo needs to go viral. Please read and share.

“You are not obligated to read, agree with, or comment on it. I still like you, and we can still be friends, even if our opinions differ. Here is mine:

Tomorrow is an election day in Georgia, and eligible voters are encouraged to vote their conscience. If your conscience is leading you to vote for a candidate who has failed at multiple marriages, failed at multiple business ventures, failed to meet his obligations to creditors on multiple occasions (while bragging about using the law to increase his wealth by cheating others out of what he owed them)…if your conscience is leading you to vote for a person who promotes hatred and disdain toward other people, and if your conscience is leading you to put your trust in someone who makes grandiose promises without a single plan for accomplishing such, then i respectfully encourage you to spend tomorrow seeking a better conscience: one which embraces the idea that—(even for non-Christians), morals, ethics and sound reasoning matter, especially for any who aspire to be leader of the free world. May i encourage you to develop a conscience that doesn’t confuse empty rhetoric with reality?

And likewise, if your conscience is leading you to vote for a person who believes it’s okay to terminate innocent human life—be it in a woman’s womb or an embassy on foreign soil, then bear in mind that Hitler, Stalin, and Pol Pot supported the same platform. May i respectfully encourage you to not vote the conscience of such people, but to spend your day seeking a conscience that refuses to put one person’s convenience over another person’s very life?

It might be said that a conscience can be helpful in guiding one to choose right over wrong—good instead of evil. But if one’s conscience has been seared by the god of this age, perhaps “voting one’s conscience” isn’t the best thing to do. If your conscience is confused in discerning right from wrong, i beg you to not cast a vote for a candidate having that same quality…rather, spend your day seeking a healthier conscious for yourself (and for those you love).”