I’m truly trying to understand all the angst being expressed by some women. But I’m also a logical thinker and think some of their tactics may actually work against them.
I can’t imagine a man taking a day off from work for International Men’s Day. Can you imagine needing your doctor or your plumber and being told, “Sorry, it’s International Men’s Day and I’m not working” or my lawyer husband telling the judge, “Sorry, I won’t appear in court today it’s IM Day”? If he did, he’d be in contempt of court with serious consequences.
Our generation learned through experience that if we truly wanted to be treated as equals and shown professional respect, then we needed to act professionally rather than being “dramatic and high maintenance.”
If this “IW day off” becomes a yearly event, then, logically, many employers might instead think twice about hiring a woman.
I started 3 different companies during the 80’s and 90’s dealing with Bankers while acquiring business loans and New York Brokers while opening accounts with over 20 suppliers. I often dealt with gruff skeptical men who asked why they should deal with me, but I earned their respect and their trust by knowing my business, by being a professional often while bouncing a baby on my hip and by the Grace of God!
I didn’t expect or ask for any special privileges or days off. I worked hard and proved my self just like most other women and men I know of our generation.
Just thinking out loud.